Sport Ireland

Sport Ireland was established on 1st October 2015.  It replaced the Irish Sports Council and the National Sports Campus Development Authority.  

Sport Ireland has responsibility for the development of Irish sport, including responsibility for such matters as:

  • the development of strategies relating to participation in sport;
  • supporting elite athletes in achieving excellence in sport;
  • facilitating standards of good conduct, fair play and the elimination of doping in sport;
  • the development of the National Sports Campus at Abbotstown, Blanchardstown;
  • the management and operation of the National Sports Campus through it's wholly owned subsidiary company, NSCDA (Operations) DAC;
  • the development of guidelines and codes of conduct promoting best practice for the protection of children in sport; and
  • the development of coaches and tutors at all levels in sport.

The Sport Ireland Act 2015 is the legislative basis for the body.  Sport Ireland's functions are set out in detail in Section 8 of the Sport Ireland Act 2015.

Information about Sport Ireland is available at

Main Phone: 
01- 8608800