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Marine Notices prior to the year 2000 are available in this archive. Some Marine Notices are not available in electronic format. If you wish to receive any Marine Notice that is not available on this website please contact:

Marine Notices

Maritime Safety Directorate,
Leeson Lane,
Dublin 2


Please note that some of the Marine Notices which are available in the Archive are scanned documents and can be quite large in file size. Please check the file size before downloading.


Consultation process in relation to the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Port State Control (recast).
In March 2006 the Maritime Safety Directorate undertook a consultation process with the Chamber of Shipping, ship owners, Ports (including the Irish Ports Association) and the relevant unions (SIPTU and ITF) in relation to this proposed Directive. Two responses were received.  Further observations in respect of this proposal may be forwarded to e-mail address to be inserted.


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