Traffic Signs Manual 2010

Hardcopies of the Traffic Signs Manual 2010 are available to purchase from NRA Publications, National Roads Authority, St. Martins House, Waterloo Road, Dublin 4. Arrangements for ordering copies can be made with the NRA's Publications Section by telephone at (01) 660 2511. The price is €100 plus postage and packaging for the full Manual.
Alternatively, the new Traffic Signs Manual is also available below, where each chapter can be downloaded individually.
In relation to Chapter 8, it was updated independently of the other chapters in 2008 (issued under Circular Letter RST 3/2008). The Traffic Signs Manual (2010) contains minor amendments to the 2008 Chapter 8. For convenience, a summary of changes between the 2008 Chapter 8 and the Traffic Signs Manual (2010) Chapter 8 is available below. See "Addendum to the Department of Transport Chapter 8". 
Initial Publication Date: 
Thursday, 3 February 2011