The full fee must accompany each application. The fee is paid for the consideration of the application, and is not refundable if the licence is not granted.  

Details of fees can be viewed here


'e-Day' – 19 September 2014

The National Payments Plan aims to reduce the cost of Ireland’s payment system through the increased use of more efficient payment methods.  In this regard, 19 September 2014 has been designated as 'e-Day'.  From this date the public sector will no longer issue cheques to or accept cheques from business users.  As a result, payments to Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit should be made by electronic means from 19 September 2014.  You can pay using a debit or credit card

-          online on our website www.rtol.ie

-          over the phone when you contact us

-          in person at our public office

-          if using a paper application form, by entering your card details on the separate page provided, which is shredded when the transaction is completed.

Please note that it is cheaper to apply online for Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit services. Information on fees is available on our website www.rtol.ie in the RTOL Fees section.