Minister Ross urges public to repeat remarkable achievement of Easter 2017

 Friday 30th March

As some people look forward to having a drink in their local pub today, Minister Ross said;

“This is the first Good Friday since 1927 when people can go to their local pub and enjoy a drink or two if they choose. I would urge all those who do to leave the car at home, organise alternative transport or select a designated driver if you are with friends.”

“Easter 2017 was remarkable in that there were no deaths on Irish roads over that holiday weekend. However, since 2012 a total of 59 people have been killed and seriously injured in Easter Bank Holiday crashes, according to figures released by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Siochána.”

“I would ask all drivers to be aware of the effect of alcohol, and indeed drugs, on their driving. Every person has a different metabolism and even a small amount of an intoxicant can impair driving and cause a serious collision.

Figures show that April 2017 saw more arrests for drink driving than in any single month in the past five years. This year An Garda Siochána is mounting Mandatory Intoxicant Testing (MIT) checkpoints nationwide.”

“Don’t take the risk of being fined or put off the road for drink-driving, or worse, being involved in a serious or even fatal collision. It’s not worth it. Not to you or your loved ones or the person or people you may kill or injure while under the influence of drink or drugs. There have been far too many tragedies; mothers, fathers, sons, daughters killed or terribly injured in road collisions that could have been avoided - so many people who would be alive today if people just stopped and admitted how selfish it is to drink and drive.”

“So this Easter, let’s look to repeat the achievement of last year and avoid needless death or injury on our roads. If you’re enjoying a drink, leave the car at home. You won’t regret it.”

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