Minister Ross gives Green Light to €100m Green Line Project

Tuesday 14th November 2017

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross T.D., today announced plans for the Luas Green Line Capacity Enhancement Project.

Minister Ross said ‘I’m delighted to announce that the project to enhance the Luas Green Line will commence in 2018. This is an ambitious endeavour which will see an additional 8 Trams being added to the Luas fleet, the lengthening of the existing 26 Green line trams and the extension of the Sandyford Depot in order to accommodate these longer trams. The new trams will allow for 60 additional passengers to be carried per tram – a total of 369 people per tram in all.’

The Minister continued ‘This is a follow on project from Luas Cross City which I look forward to launching on December 9th. A complementary project to lengthen the platforms at Green Line stations is also near completion. All these initiatives combined will add greatly to the choice and experience of the travelling public and ease congestion in the city.’

The Green Line Capacity Enhancement project is identified in the National Transport Authority’s Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016-2035. The capacity increases at peak periods provided by the project will assist in reducing crowding on the Green Line thus enhancing accessibility for mobility and sensory impaired users during these periods. After the opening of Luas Cross City the capacity on the Green line will be approximately 6,400 passengers per direction per hour based on 21 trams per hour. At the end of the Green Line capacity project the capacity will increase to approximately 8,160 passengers per direction per hour based on 24 trams per hour. The increase in capacity is 1,760 passengers per direction per hour.

Minister Ross added ‘More trams, longer trams, connecting trams, longer platforms and a bigger depot to house them in – all great news for our public transport system.’

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Notes for editors:

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has statutory responsibility for the planning and development of public transport infrastructure in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). The NTA’s Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) 2016-2035 provides the overarching framework for the planning and delivery of transport infrastructure and services in the GDA over the next two decades. As envisaged by this Strategy, “the Luas Line from St. Stephen’s Green to Bride’s Glen has seen significant passenger growth over the last few years. In order to accommodate a continuation of that growth in advance of Metro South, the capacity of the Green Line will need to be increased by transitioning to 50+ metre trams. To accommodate these longer trams, platforms from Stillorgan to Stephen’s Green will have to be lengthened and new tram fleet acquired, together with power system upgrades and modifications to depot arrangements”.

Recent surveys by the NTA of passenger demand and conditions on the Luas Green Line indicate that the line is currently operating at capacity during peak periods, with crowding experienced between the Balally and Ranelagh stops. This crowding is resulting in passengers being unable or unwilling to board at these stops. Furthermore, demand projections from the NTA suggest that there is a latent demand for travel on the Green Line where people are not travelling by Luas due to peak period capacity constraints.

The Green Line Capacity Enhancement Project comprises the:

a)        lengthening of the 26 existing Green line trams from 43m to 55m, significantly increasing their passenger capacity;

b)        procurement of eight new 55m-long trams to cater for the forecast increased passenger demand to 2027; and

c)         extension of the Sandyford Depot to accommodate the maintenance of the longer trams.

The direct capital cost of the Green Line Capacity Enhancement project is estimated at €78 million (excluding VAT). The total direct plus indirect costs are estimated at €89 million (excluding VAT). Annual operation and maintenance costs are estimated as €0.86 million between 2020 and 2022 and €1.87 million after 2022. The inclusion of the annual operation and maintenance costs over the appraisal life cycle of the project brings the overall cost of the project in excess of €100 million.

For further information please contact Carol Hunt 085 2538158

After the opening of Luas Cross City

On completion of the Green line capacity enhancement projects there will be more capacity on all trams because they are being lengthened. In addition 8 new 55 m long trams are being bought which enables more frequent services. At the end of the project the capacity will increase to approximately 8,160 passenger per direction per hour based on 24 trams per hour. The increase in capacity is therefore 1,760 passenger per direction per hour.

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