Electric SPSV grant scheme

Thursday 30 November 2017

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is pleased to announce a new €500,000 grant scheme to support the increased uptake of electric vehicles in Ireland’s SPSV (Taxi/Hackney/Limousine) industry.

Opening to applicants from 01 February 2018, the ‘electric SPSV grant scheme’ will offer grants, nationwide, for the purchase of new and secondhand electric vehicles. Grant monies of up to €7,000 will be available for battery electric vehicle (BEVs), and up to €3,500 for plug in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).

Fully hybrid vehicles and vehicles older than 6 years will not qualify for grant support under this scheme.

Applications should be made through the National Transport Authority, who will administer the scheme on the Department’s behalf. Further details will be made available through the SPSV industry newsletter and NTA website.

Press Office, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, 01 604 1090 / 01 604 1093 www.dttas.ie pressoffice@dttas.ie

Notes for Editor
Who can avail of the electric SPSV grant scheme?

  • Existing SPSV drivers who operate under a standard vehicle licence and wish to replace their vehicle
  • Existing SPSV drivers who operate under a WAV licence and wish to replace their vehicle with an electric WAV
  • New SPSV driver entrants who operate under a wheelchair accessible licence and wish to drive an electric WAV

Electric Vehicles in the Taxi/SPSV Industry

Grant Support
In conjunction with the e-SPSV grant, up to €3,800 is also available from SEAI for new commercial vehicles.

Tax Benefits
Electric vehicles and associated charging infrastructure qualify for Accelerated Capital Allowances for companies paying corporation tax, as well as VRT relief of up to €5,000

Running Costs
Substantial savings on fuel and maintenance costs when compared to petrol or diesel vehicle equivalents

Competitive Advantage
Electric vehicles are fast becoming a number one choice for corporation clients conscious of reducing their environmental impact

Driving Experience
EV ’s are smoother and quieter than conventional vehicles and are very suitable for stop-start urban driving with powerful acceleration from rest

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