Ring describes Green Army as a ‘credit to the country’

Minister of State for Tourism & Sport Michael Ring has paid tribute to Ireland’s ‘Green Army’ and described them as a ‘credit to the country’.
“This week the Green Army has proved itself a credit to the country, and to the game of football. There’s no doubt in my mind that Irish fans are the best in the world.
“The humour and high spirits shown by our fans is the talk of Poland this week. They have been magnificent ambassadors for Ireland, and have done a huge amount for our image abroad, not least in promoting Ireland as a great place to visit.
“Above all, our fans had a lot of fun, and so did anyone lucky enough to meet them.
“Although our dreams of euro glory were dashed in the games against Croatia and Spain, the rousing chorus from the stands was enough to set our spirits soaring. I would like to say a sincere thank you to the Green Army for the way they supported our team this week. They have truly lifted our spirits.”
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