Expenditure on External Services

Details of all consultancy expenditure to 2010 and expenditure on all on external services including consultancy by the Department are set out in the Documents below. The information will be updated every six months.

The figures prior to March 2011 do not include tourism and sport as these were functions of a different Department up to that point. Local roads only became a function of the Department of Transport in 2008 and hence figures for this area prior to 2008 are not included. Similarly, maritime transport only became a function of the Department of Transport in 2006, hence figures prior to 2006 do not include the maritime area. 

Expenditure on External Services 2017

Expenditure on External Services 2016

Expenditure on External Services 2015 

Expenditure on External Services 2014

Expenditure on external services - complete to end  2013 

External Reports Commissioned by the Department since 2011 (This lists both published reports and reports which are not published. The latter are reports which are considered to be purely of interest for internal planning purposes, contain legal advice, policy deliberation or commercially sensitive information.)