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Mercantile Marine Office (MMO)

The Mercantile Marine Office (MMO) is part of the Maritime Safety Directorate of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

Contact Details:

Address:    The Mercantile Marine Office Department of  Transport, Tourism and Sport Leeson Lane, Dublin 2.

Telephone No: + 353 (0)1-6783480 (Public Office)

Fax Number:   + 353 (0)1-6783489


Staff:                        Grade                         Phone No

Sharon McGrath,              Superintendent                 + 353 (0)1-6783481

Laura Byrne,                    Clerical Officer                  + 353 (0)1-6783482

Jimmy Thompson,           Clerical Officer                 + 353 (0)1-6783483

Alan Woods Conway        Clerical Officer                 + 353 (0)1 - 6041505


The functions of the MMO have their statutory origins in two pieces of legislation, the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894 and the Mercantile Marine Act, 1955.  There are numerous functions and duties imposed on both the Superintendent and the Mercantile Marine Office in these Acts.

The main statutory functions carried out by the MMO to the public are:-

1.  Shipping
1.1 To maintain a General Register of Shipping
1.2  To assist vessel owners in complying with Ship Registration Procedures
1.3  To process GR342 Applications to reserve a name proposed for an Irish ship
1.4  To process applications for Ministerial Approval sought under the Mercantile Marine Act, 1955
1.5  To collect receipts for Ship Survey applications for the Marine Survey Office (MSO)
1.6  To collect receipts for Ship Radio Licence applications for the Maritime Radio Affairs Unit (MRAU)
1.7   Sale of publications including Ship Articles, Crew Agreements, Log Books, Garbage and Oil Record Books
2.       Seafarers
2.1 To maintain a General Register of Seafarers
2.2 To process applications for Irish Seafarer's Record Book and Certificates of Discharge (Irish Seafarer's Discharge Book)
2.3 To process applications for Irish Seafarer's Identity Cards
2.4 To process applications for Seafarer's Sea Time Records
2.5 To collect receipts for Deck and Engineering Certificate exam applications for the MSO
2.6 To collect receipts for Radio Operators Certificates for the MRAU
2.7 To process applications for Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) Certificates
2.8 To process applications for Able Bodied Seamen (AB) Certificates
2.9 To verify sea service pertaining to applications from Irish Shipping Companies for PRSI Refund Claims
2.10 To process applications for Emergency Service Awards
2.11 To stock and supply Medical Examination Forms to approved General Practitioners