Current Marine Notices

Number Title Categorysort descending Publication Date
PDF icon 8 of 2017 Ship Emissions - European Union: Monitoring, Reporting and Verification, EU MRV Statutory 01/03/2017
PDF icon 17 of 2011 Port Reception Facilities for Ship Generated Waste and Cargo residues – Format for Reporting Alleged Inadequate Port Reception Facilities Statutory 24/03/2011
PDF icon 37 of 2009 Amendments to Chapter III of SOLAS 1974 Concerning Regulation 19 - Emergency Training and Drills Regulation 20 - Operational readiness, maintenance and inspections Regulation 32 - Personal life-saving appliances Statutory 26/08/2009
PDF icon 40 of 2008 Rules of Equivalency for Commercially Operating Sailing craft less than 24m and 80 GT engaged in Sail training to operate as a P6 ComSail Passenger Boat. Statutory 15/08/2008
PDF icon 16 of 2006 Intact Stability & Damage Survivability/Swamping in Relation to Open and Partially Decked Class V Passenger Ships and Unsubdivided Class VI Passenger Ships Statutory 12/09/2006
PDF icon 10 of 2003 RE: Merchant Shipping (Passenger Boat) Regulations 2002 Statutory 30/04/2003
PDF icon 35 of 2012 MARPOL Annex V (Garbage) - Revised 2011 Statutory 12/07/2012
PDF icon 13 of 2011 Maintenance of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) software Statutory 21/02/2011
PDF icon 36 of 2009 Entry into force of the Sea Pollution (Prevention of Pollution by Sewage from Ships) Regulations 2006 for existing vessels on 1st August 2010. Statutory 17/08/2009
PDF icon 38 of 2014 - updated Seafarer Medical Examinations Scheme - Medical and Eyesight Standards & List of Approved Doctors Statutory 02/07/2014