Marine Notices

Marine Notices are information notices issued by the Department to publicise important safety, regulatory and other information relating to maritime affairs in Ireland.

They are circulated to a wide range of individuals and organisations, including State agencies, the fishing industry, international shipping, and water-based recreational interests.

If you would like to be included on the mailing list to receive Marine Notices by e-mail, please send a request to, inserting your name and contact details.

If you wish the Department to issue a Marine Notice, in order to inform mariners about operations in Irish waters, please provide the information set out in the document at the following link: Required information for Marine Notices.

To search for a Marine Notice, please click on the Current Marine Notices link. 

In the listing, Marine Notices are organised into three categories, as follows:

·         Statutory: These are Marine Notices that are issued to draw attention to a regulation or other legal requirement.

·         Information:  These are Marine Notices that give information on non-Statutory topics, such as Marine Survey Office procedures and examinations, publications, product recalls, safety alerts, and other industry notifications.

·         Works:  These are Marine Notices that advise of construction, works or surveys at sea that may affect navigation. This category also includes the placement of buoys and sub-sea wellheads off the coast of Ireland, as well as notification of firing-range practices.


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