Regional Harbours


Policy in relation to the Regional Harbours, as published in the Ports Policy Statement in 2005, is that their continued operation under the out-dated provisions of the Harbours Act 1946 is unsustainable on the grounds of good governance.

The Policy Statement reiterated the view that most of these harbours would best achieve their potential through transfer to local authority ownership.  Where it is not possible to reach agreement on transfer to local authorities, the option of sale of the harbours will be considered.  In harbours where significant commercial traffic exists, consideration will be given to bringing such harbours under the control of a port company.

There are no longer any harbours operating under the Harbours Act 1946. Bantry Bay Harbour transferred to the control of the Port of Cork Company on 1 January 2014.

A full list of regional harbours that have transferred to local authority control is available below.