MSO Fees

Please find below a list of commonly requested fees relating to the Marine Survey Office, including examination fees.

These fees are taken from:

  1. Sea Pollution Act, 1991 (Survey Fees) Order, 1994

  2. Merchant Shipping (Fees) Order, 2010 and Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulation 2010

  3. Wireless Telegraphy (Ship Station Radio Licence) Regulations, 2006

  4. Fishing Vessel (Fees) Regulations, 2008.


The National Payments Plan, launched in April 2013, seeks to reduce the cost of Ireland’s payment system through the increased use of more efficient payment methods which will lead to increased competitiveness and efficiency.  

In this regard, 19 September 2014 has been designated ‘e-Day’. From this date the public sector will no longer issue or accept Cheques to and from business users.

As a result, the Mercantile Marine Office will not accept payments by cheque from 19 September 2014.  Payments can continue to be made by Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT), Bank Draft, Postal Money Order or Credit/Debit Card as per details provided in the attached Payment Options.