Consultation on proposed Regulation on market access to port services

In May 2013 the European Commission published a proposed Regulation to establish a framework on market access to port services and financial transparency of ports.

In August 2013 the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport published a consultation document), based on the Regulatory Impact Analysis guidelines, in order to illustrate the Irish context to the current proposed EU Regulation and to inform Ireland’s negotiating position on the proposal. The document contained a total of 10 questions designed to aid the consultative process.

The Department received three formal submissions during this consultation phase and the Regulatory Impact Analysis and the proposed Regulation generally were also discussed with the Competition Authority during on-going discussions with the Authority as it completed its Competition in the Irish ports sector report.

The three submissions received are available here:

DPC Port Services Submission

ICTU Port Services Submission

IPA Port Services Submission

In July 2014 as negotiations continued at European Council working party level, the Department published an updated Regulatory Impact Analysis and sought immediate views on then emerging themes.

A copy of this revised Regulatory Impact Analysis and the only submission received in response are available here

RIA (June 2014)

CA Port Services Submission (July 2014)

Following the completion of working party consideration of the original text, the Council of the European Union adopted a General Approach on the text at its meeting of 8 October 2014 and a revised text was published on the 24 October 2014. 

General Approach October 2014

The text is now with the European Parliament’s Transport Committee for their consideration. Updates can be found at this link: