Faisnéis Chorparáideach

Corporate Information

Structure of the Department

The Department is organised into seven Sectors which broadly reflect distinct functional units but there is also a substantial degree of co-operation and interaction between Sectors.  Each Sector is responsible for a High Level Goal as outlined below, further details are available in our Statement of Strategy 2015 - 2017


Our Mission Statement

To ensure that the transport, tourism and sport sectors make the greatest possible contribution to economic recovery, fiscal consolidation, job creation and social development.


High Level Goals


To ensure the aviation sector supports Ireland’s economic and social goals in a safe, competitive, cost-effective and sustainable manner and to ensure maximum connectivity for Ireland with the rest of the world.


Land Transport and Roads

To provide for the maintenance and upgrade of the transport network and ensure the delivery of public transport services with particular regard to economic competitiveness, social needs, sustainability and safety objectives.



To ensure the safety and competitiveness of maritime transport services, the protection of the marine environment and the provision of an effective emergency response service.



To support the tourism industry in increasing revenue and employment through enhancing competitiveness and through marketing and product development.



To contribute to a healthier and more active society by promoting sports participation and by supporting high performance and the provision of facilities.


Corporate Services

To ensure the Department and its agencies are organised and developed in an efficient and effective manner to deliver on our Mission Statement and High Level Goals.


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