Public Consultation - Investing in our Transport Future


Public Consultation

 Investing in our Transport Future

Report of the Steering Group established to develop a Strategic Framework for Investment in Land Transport

The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport is inviting submissions from stakeholders, interested parties and the general public on a Draft Strategic Framework for Investment in Land Transport. The closing date for submissions is Thursday the 16th October 2014.

Purpose of this Consultation

The Department is seeking opinions on the optimal strategy for the development and management of Ireland’s land transport network over the coming decades.  A Steering Group was tasked with overseeing the preparation of an integrated, evidence-based framework that would guide key land transport investment decisions.  Their report sets out their findings leading to a proposed set of key priorities for and principles to frame transport investment.

The Department is also undertaking a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) on the findings of the Steering Group in accordance with the EU SEA Directive, to fully integrate environmental considerations into the Framework.

The views of stakeholders, interested parties and the general public are now sought on these documents which are available to download. These documents are also available for public inspection at the Department Transport, Tourism and Sport, Lesson Lane, Dublin 2, during office hours.

Consultation Documents

A copy of the Framework and SEA consultation documents ( Environmental and Natura) together with a set of background papers are below.

Consultation Responses

Written submissions should be sent by email to or by post to the address below by Thursday the 16th of October 2014 at the latest.

Strategic Framework for Investment in Land Transport Consultation/SEA

Economic and Financial Evaluation Unit                      

Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Leeson Lane

Dublin 2

Please identify your submission/s as a response to the Framework or Environmental Report when forwarding to the Department. If you wish to comment on both documents please indicate that your submission refers to both documents.

Submissions in respect of either the Steering Group Report or the Environmental Report should be confined to ten pages or c2500 words or less.

Note that submissions received will not be responded to on an individual basis but they will be taken into consideration by the Steering Group in its final report.

Please be aware that all submissions received by the Department will be published on its website. In addition, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1997 and therefore has to consider any request made to it under that Act. If you consider that any part of your submission would be subject to any of the statutory exclusions under that Act please so indicate in your submission, specifying under which exemption you believe the content should be excluded.

Initial Publication Date: 
Friday, 15 August 2014