Policy Review and Analysis


SRAD (formerly EFEU) conducts a number of types of policy evaluations, from full ex-post evaluation to value for money reviews and focused policy assessments, conducted as part of the Public Spending Code.

Value for Money Reviews

The Government’s Value for Money and Policy Review Initiative is part of a framework introduced to secure improved value for money from public expenditure. The objective of the Value for Money and Policy Review Initiative is to analyse Exchequer spending in a systematic manner and to provide a basis on which more informed decisions can be made on priorities within and between programmes.

In agreement with Departments, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform formulates a list of programmes for review. In each case reviews are linked to the high-level output statement of the Department concerned.

Value for Money Reviews that have been carried out by the SRAD:

Current Expenditure on National Road Maintenance (2015)

Irish Driver Testing Service (2017)


Supporting Document:

 2011-dkm-options-appraisal-report.pdf(link is external)






Focused Policy Assessments

Focused Policy Assessments complement the work of Comprehensive Reviews of Expenditure (CREs) and full VfM and Policy Reviews. The aim is to provide more narrowly focused assessments designed to answer specific issues of policy configuration and delivery. These Focused Policy Assessments (FPAs) can play a useful role in addressing the following types of policy issue:-

  • Cross-cutting issues of relevance to one or more department; typically conducted by the CEEU or by evaluation staff from relevant Departments working together;
  • Evaluation of a discrete expenditure programme, to answer specific questions of    programme design and delivery, by reference to one or more evaluation criteria;
  • Preliminary evaluation of a more complex programme or inter-connected set of programmes, to scope issues that may benefit from a full VfM.

Focused Policy Assessments that have been carried out by the SRAD:

 Green Schools Travel Programme (2015)


Ex-Post Evaluation

Smarter Travel Areas

SRAD is conducting a major ex-post evaluation of the Smarter Travel Areas Programme. This evaluation will provide the first comprehensive evidence base on how sustainable travel measures work in Ireland.  The final report is due  to be published in 2018. 

A mid-term interim evaluation report, measuring progress from 2012-2014 in the programme is available here below:

STA Interim Evaluation Report

STA Interim Evaluation Executive Summary


Appendix C - STA Household Travel Survey Report 2014 - (Quantitative Data)

Appendix D - Qualitative Findings

Appendix E - Media Monitoring