Capacity Review of Ireland’s State Airports

On 22 September 2016, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport announced a review into the future capacity needs at Ireland’s State Airports. This review was outlined as an objective to be undertaken in 2019 in the Department’s 2015 National Aviation Policy. However, given the recent growth in passenger numbers and future projected growth, Minister Ross decided to bring the review forward. The review concerns the long-term development of Ireland’s State Airports (Dublin, Cork and Shannon) to 2050.

Oxford Economics and Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA), who were engaged by the Department to undertake this work, completed the Review earlier this year. The Review was published by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Mr Shane Ross, TD on 26 October 2018.

In light of the publication of this Review, and to inform recommendations on the future development of Ireland’s State airports, and Dublin Airport in particular, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, on behalf of the Minister, is now commencing a consultation with stakeholders. It is anticipated, following the consultation process, that a policy statement on airport development will be decided by Government in early 2019. For more information on the consultation please follow this link.