As air transport globally has grown significantly in the last few decades, there has been an increased focus on the environmental impacts of air travel particularly noise  and air quality.

A number of measures have been introduced in recent years to mitigate the adverse impact of air travel on the environment. At European level, Directive 2008/101/EC has been adopted to provide for the inclusion of aviation activities in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government is leading on the transposition of this Directive into national law.

Relevant Legislation

Directive 2008/101/EC amending Directive 2003/87/EC so as to include aviation activities in the scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community

Directive 2002/30/EC on the establishment of rules and procedures with regard to the introduction of noise‑related operating restrictions at Community airports (the balanced approach Directive)

S.I. No. 645 of 2003 - European Communities (Air Navigation and Transport Rules and Procedures for Noise Related Operating Restrictions at Airports) Regulations 2003

Directive 2006/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006 on the regulation of the operation of aeroplanes covered by Part II, Chapter 3 , Volume 1 of Annex 16 (codified version)

S.I. No. 195 of 2003. - European Communities (Restriction of Civil Subsonic Jet Aeroplane Operations) Regulations 2003

Relevant Links

European Commission webpage on the inclusion of Aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme