Air Navigation Services - Air Space Management

The provision of air navigation services in Irish controlled airspace is the responsibility of the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), a commercial State body established under the Irish Aviation Authority Act, 1993.  The IAA also advises the Minister for Transport and the Government in relation to air navigation and airspace management policy.

The EUs Single European Sky Initiative aims to reform European air traffic control arrangements to enhance performance and capacity and to improve safety.  The creation of Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs), large areas of airspace that are organised according to operational requirements rather than the traditional system of dividing airspace along national borders, are at the heart of the SES Initiative.  In 2008, the Ireland-UK FAB was established, the first of its kind to be established in Europe. The two air navigation service providers involved are IAA and NATS. The mandate of the Ireland-UK FAB is to maximise, from an ATM and user perspective, the enhanced benefits and efficiencies that can be derived from managing the combined Irish and UK airspace as one continuum.  

Relevant Legislation

Irish Aviation Authority Act, 1993

Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) Act, 1983

Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) Act, 1971

Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) Act, 1963

Single European Sky (SES) Package I Legislation

Regulation (EC) 549/2004

Regulation (EC) 550/2004

Regulation (EC) 551/2004

Regulation (EC) 552/2004

Single European Sky (SES) Package II Legislation

European Air Traffic Management Master Plan

COM (2008) 389

Council Decision 2009/320/EC Endorsing SESAR

Council Resolution On The Endorsement Of The European, 30 March 2009

Opinion Of The Committee Of The Regions, SES Package II, 12-13 February 2009

Relevant Links

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State Bodies: Irish Aviation Authority