The Department has a wide range of functions in relation to roads. These include:

  • the legal framework relating to the provision and maintenance of national roads and the legal framework within which the NRA operates;
  • funding for the national roads programme;
  • monitoring NRA expenditure;
  • providing policy guidance to the NRA;
  • overseeing the effective implementation of the national roads element of Transport 21 investment programme;
  • the promotion of the safer use of roads through a combination of policy, education and legislative measures.
  • Provision of funding of roads under Transport21
  • overseeing activities of implementing agencies (The Road Safety Authority (RSA), the National Roads Authority (NRA) and local authorities);
  • promotion of road safety;

Our Overall Objective

To provide, within the framework of a balanced and integrated transport policy, for the safe, efficient and cost effective movement of persons and goods by road.

Specific Objectives to:

  • ensure, as far as possible, the provision of a safe and efficient network of national roads,
  • ensure, as far as possible, the provision of a safe and efficient network of regional and local roads,
  • play an effective role in the EU legislative and decision making process,
  • ensure the optimum and safe use of the public road network,
  • ensure that vehicles are safe and suitable for use on public roads,
  • provide machinery for the licensing and taxation of vehicles used on public roads,
  • ensure that drivers are fit, competent and licensed to drive vehicles of an appropriate class on public roads, improve road safety

Other Information

Please note that the Road Safety Authority has responsibility for Driver Testing and Driver Licensing.